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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Kraft dolls

Hi friends...

Wishing u a very happy New year and a bright year ahead!!!!

New year starts with all positive thoughts... There is nothing powerful as mothers love and nothing as healing as a child's soul
Mom and kid..... one of the most beautiful bond you will ever see... she protects her child, teaching them how to love, watching them grow into something promising... no matter how old they are her babies always!!! And I dedicate this project to one of the most beautiful bond in the world is that a mom and her kid....

To create this beauty  I used Kraft sheets and cut them into two different size square. And to decorate it with dot painting I used my dot tools in different sizes. To put dots I used different Acrylic paints.
I Draw few circles with the help of different sizes of bottle caps and starj putting dots with different sizes and colours 

I created some free hand pattern
After it dries I put two tacky tapes on opposite ends to create cones out of it

I also made embossed strips to give final touch up with the edges... I distressed it and also put some dots on it and sticked it to the cones I made 

Prepared different size circles with black cardstock to put it as faces of the dolls. Just put two small cuts on the neck part and passed these circles on this slits.

Hope u like the process if u still have any doubt or queries I would love to answer those... so leave some love in comment section below.... thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!!!! 

Happy Crafting!!!

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